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Alcona County Republicans

Local involvement sh‚Äčapes a nation.

Endorsement of Ryan D. Kelley for Michigan Governor

Dear Ryan,

We all need strong leaders who will change the current dire situation and do something for the betterment of the country and our beautiful State of Michigan. We need someone who understands our needs properly and acts accordingly, someone from We the People to become our ardent voice and be a defender of our US & Michigan Constitutions.

Throughout 2021, we have watched you and others closely. We feel strongly that we were successful in finding the perfect candidate. You are not only one of We the People, but also someone who listens and completely understands the problems being faced by the country, our great State of Michigan, and how everyone is being affected by it. You are not someone from a political background, but are rather a person whose aim is to make a stand towards the improvement of all Americans and Michiganders.

As such, we feel that your unique qualifications mark you as a leader among Patriots. Your strong support of a Full Forensic Audit, your die-hard support of Constitutional Carry, your staunch opposition to any further lock-downs, your antimony to Educational Indoctrination, your wish to protect Medical Freedom, your passion in defending the unborn, and your promotion of a Strong Michigan Economy are but a few of the many qualifications we see within you.

We request the People of Michigan, and the Republicans of Alcona County Michigan to support Ryan D. Kelley in the upcoming election. Should you wish to have a Michigan and America First Governor, then we feel that Ryan D. Kelley is the candidate that will deliver. As such, Ryan D. Kelley has the unwavering endorsement of the Alcona County Republicans.


Carrie Mullins, Alcona County Republicans Chair & Jeffrey Dobbs, Alcona County Republicans Vice Chair

Unanimously approved by all Alcona County Republican Executive Board members present.

Endorsement of Kristina Karamo for Michigan Secretary of State

Dear Kristina,

We are in need of a strong leader to fill the critical role of Michigan Secretary of State. After the mess of 2020 due to COVID-19, and other issues, we can truly see just how important this role is within the workings of the State of Michigan.

We took the time within 2021 to search and research potential candidates and follow along with their words and their actions. After much thought and debate, we have found our candidate. First, the Kristina Karamo campaign for Michigan Secretary of State is by far, the strongest on Election Security. We have seen that you will investigate fraud claims instead of writing them off as a conspiracy theory. Your campaign is also focused on improving the DMV/SOS offices for Michiganders all around the state, and you are the candidate who wishes to protect the identity of citizens within Michigan. Perhaps most importantly, you are the one who understands the severe and very real threats that are posed to our very elections by using secretive Black Box Voting systems.

These are qualities and qualifications that we are not seeing within anyone else in this race. Kristina has stood strong and unwavering for the integrity of our elections, and We the People have taken note.

We believe that you, Kristina, are the best choice for our next SOS. We urge our fellow Alcona County residents, our esteemed Precinct Delegates, as well as all of the Patriots of Michigan, to do their research and to look into supporting Kristina Karamo for Secretary of State. Therefore, the Alcona County Republicans are proud to announce that you have our official endorsement for Secretary of State of Michigan.


Carrie Mullins, Alcona County Republicans Chair & Jeffrey Dobbs, Alcona County Republicans Vice Chair

Unanimously approved by all Alcona County Republican Executive Board members present.

Endorsement of Matthew DePerno for Michigan Attorney General

Dear Matthew DePerno,

We at the Alcona County Republicans have been searching diligently for a strong candidate to support for Attorney General of Michigan. We have been looking for someone who is constitutionally minded, who is for We the People regarding the most important issues of our time, and someone who will not back down against the Radical Left and the RINOs within our own party.

We strongly believe that you are the candidate to back. Your extensive and diligent work for We the People in regards to your unwavering drive to expose Voter Fraud in Antrim County (and other places) in the 2020 Election, has not escaped our notice. We can see that even in the face of great adversity, you refuse to back down. And that's exactly what Michigan needs to turn the rampant political corruption within our State around.

Some of the not so obvious qualifications that we have found within you, is your generosity in taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to a small Republican party such as ours... while graciously answering all of our questions. In addition your staunch work on the Antrim County voting issues, your pro-2nd Amendment stance, your fight for medical freedom, and so much more have cemented our desire to endorse your campaign efforts.

We find your qualities and qualifications make you highly elect able and capable of beating Dana Nessel in November. As such, we of the Alcona County Republicans want the people of Alcona County, and the State of Michigan to know that we are officially endorsing Matt DePerno for the role of Michigan Attorney General. We ask everyone within the State of Michigan, Alcona County, and our esteemed Precinct Delegates to do the same.


Carrie Mullins, Alcona County Republicans Chair & Jeffrey Dobbs, Alcona County Republicans Vice Chair

Approved by the Alcona County Republican Executive Board members present.