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Alcona County Republicans

Local involvement sh‚Äčapes a nation.

Get your voter information here. Find out where to vote, polling hours, and even get a sample ballot.

Candidates for the State of Michigan:


Rick Snyder

Lt. Governor

Brian Calley

Secretary of State

Ruth Johnson

Attorney General

Bill Schuette

Michigan Supreme Court Justices

David Viviano

Brian Sahra

James Robert Redford

State Board of Education

Maria Carl

Jonathan Williams

University of Michigan Board of Regents

Rob Steele

Ron Weiser

Michigan State Board of Trustees

Jeff Sakwa

Melanie Foster

Wayne State Board of Governors

Michael Busuito

Satish Jasti

The next vote is a big one. The State General Election. It will be November 4th, 2014. Mark your calendars.

Check back to find out more about the Republican candidates.

Candidates running for Congress (Senators and Representatives):

U.S. Senator

Terry Lynn Land

U.S. Representative

Dan Banishek

Governor Rick Snyder and Lt. Governor Brian Calley are up for re-election. Here's a small list of some of their hard work.

2011: A balanced budget for the first time since Granholm

Payment methods on tax payers eased

Stable funding source for Pure Michigan (brings revenue to local economies)

Michigan Business Tax eliminated

Bipartisan law banning partial birth abortions passed

2012: Background checks for workers who care for the elderly

Michigan enters multistate agreement regarding offshore wind energy

Budget balanced and done early (building a surplus in the general fund)

New law helps veterans gain employment in electrician and plumbing fields

Michigan Trade Office opens in Canada to promote trade and tourism

2013: Lt. Gov. Calley signed legislation to stiffen penalties against the crime of arson

Michigan Strategic Fund's approved 14 business expansions estimated to generate $1.1 billion in investments and add 4,590 jobs

2014: coming soon

Michigan Public Radio Interview:

Terri Lynn Land is running for U.S. Senator against democrat Gary Peters. As the 41st Michigan Secretary of State, Terri Lynn Land has done a wonderful job of improving the day to day function of the Secretary of State.